Super egnet til samsung tv BN59-01270A BN59-01274A BN59-01292A BN59-01259B BN59-01260A BN59-01290A RMCSPM1AP1 Tremote kontrol

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Universal Remote Control 4K High Definition Television Replacement Controller For Samsung Smart Televisions Accessories Feature:

1.Powered by 2 AA Alkaline batteries.This remote controller can get rid of the tangled cables when using it

2.The portable size makes it easy to carry along

3.It is lightweight and durable

4.The simple buttons with the letter and pattern could help you control it easily

5.A wonderful replacement controller for Samsung smart televisions

6.It doesn't support voice interaction and pairing


Power Supply:2 AA Alkaline batteries

Are Batteries Required:True


Are Batteries Included:False

Suitable for:For Samsung

Suitable model for Samsung TV:

UE40K6370SUXZG UN65KU6290F UN55KU6290FXA UN55KU6290F UN40H5201AF UN32H5203AF UN32H5201AF UN28H4500AF UN24H4500AF UE65KU6500UXZG UE65KU6500 UE65KU6409UXZG UE65KU6409U UE55K6379SUXZG UE55K6379 UE49KU6509UXZG UE49KU6509 UE49KU6500UXZG UE49KU6500 UE49KU6409UXZG UE49KU6400UXZG UE49KU6400 UE49K6379SUXZG UE49K6379 UE49K6370SUXZG UE43KU6509UXZG UE43KU6509U UE43KU6500UXZG UE43KU6500 UE40KU6409UXZG UE40KU6400UXZG UE40KU6400 UE40K6379SUXZG UE40K6379SU

Suitable model for Samsung Remote:

BN59-01292A BN59-01298A BN59-01259B BN59-01259E BN59-01241A BN59-01260A BN59-0602A BN59-01259E BN59-01199F BN59-01178W BN590107A BN5901069A BN5901052A BN5901040A BN5901039A BN5901018A BN5901015A BN5901014A BN5901012A BN5901005A BN5900960 BN5900943A BN5900940A BN5900865A BN5900864A BN5900863A BN5900862A BN5900859A BN5900857A BN5900847A BN5900752A BN5900706A BN590068A / B BN5900683A BN5900681A BN5900676A BN5900613A BN5900611A BN5900610A BN5900609A BN5900604A BN5900603A BN5900596A BN5900539A BN5900531A BN5900530A BN5900529A BN5900517A BN5900516A BN5900512A BN5900507A BN5900429A BN5900412A BN5900399A BN5900366 BN59000624A AA59-00790A AA59-00784C AA59-00666A AA59-00638A AA59-00637A AA59-00600A AA59-00594A AA59 -00582A AA59-00581A AA5900508A AA5900484A AA5900483A AA5900397A / B AA5900385A AA5900382A AA5900370A / B AA5900357A AA5900327 AA5900326 AA5900325 AA5900316B A5900466Au200b

Packaged include:

1 x remote controller

  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Trådløs Kommunikation: IR
  • Frekvens: 433 MHz
  • Støtte APP: No
  • Kanal: 2
  • Pakke: No
  • Bruger: TV
  • Mærke: Greatlizard
  • Model-Nummer: Universal fjernbetjening


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Great remote control.
Samsung TV French well compatible Busin. Fast shipping is well-received. By the way 뽁 뽁 packaging none Plastic packaging for remote control month just put the four elements. New like in broken glasses was four. Packaging feel nervous having wish four.