Vi har været på kss-213C KSM213CCM Optisk Linse Mekanisme for VCD CD-Afspiller QJ888

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KSS-213C KSM213CCM Optical Lens Mechanism for VCD CD Player QJ888

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Quantity:1 pc

This is a complete replacement CD mechanism KSM213CCM suitable for replacement in many CD/VCD player models.

This mechanism will also fit into many other brands of CD players and HiFi's as many manufacturers use the KSS213C lasers as the optical pick up in their mechanisms.

There are a number of variations of the KSM213 mechanisms so look closely at the photographs.This type is the CCM version which is by far the most common type used in production.

The main difference between mechanism versions is the size and shape of the turntable and layout of the chassis mounting holes.


Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.

Package Includes:

1 x KSS-213C KSM-213CCM Lasers Lens

  • Mærke: Aleekit
  • Model-Nummer: VI HAR VÆRET PÅ KSS-213C KSM213CCM
  • Type: El-Værktøj, Dele
  • Brug: Hjem DIY
  • Materiale: Rustfrit Stål


Tags: japansk mekaniker værktøjer, RANE, 980kv børsteløs motor, udskift laser cd-afspiller, vi har været på kss 213c, mekaniker telefon værktøjer, kss240a, kia378, aiwa nsx, audiophile hifi.


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